Hotel Air Conditioners

In hospitality, guest comfort is the key to success. Provide comfort efficiently with hotel solutions by YORK®.

High Ambient Cooling For Your Hotels

Make your hotels more comfortable and welcoming with the latest air conditioner series from YORK®. Equipped with the latest innovative technology,  YORK® air conditioners are enough to make your hotels the best stay. These air conditioners are designed to make your spaces comfortable and cool. Apart from being extremely good-looking, you get many modes in them which you can switch with the super-efficient remote controllers. Not just that, these Air Conditioners are energy efficient, hence saving on your electricity bills. Thus this makes a two-way profit for your business.

Our range of products for Hotels and Hospitality

About YORK®

With over 140 years of experience, we can provide your hotel and hospitality business with expert HVAC technologies to create and maintain the perfect indoor environment that’s comfortable, energy-efficient and healthy for guests. Within our ranges, we offer elegant, efficient, and reliable systems, like VRF, designed to provide consistent, optimal operation, and controller options that give guests the power to control their comfort.

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