06 Jul 2023

Flexible Cooling Solutions: Adapting DX Units to Changing Commercial Needs

No matter whether you own a small business or run a large operation, you will need to find suitable cooling solutions to keep your machinery working smoothly and your employees satisfied and productive.


One of the most common cooling solutions is the DX or Direct Expansion cooling system. This particular system removes heat from space by consequent evaporation and condensation of a refringent.


A DX unit absorbs the heat generated by IT equipment, human presence, and weather conditions and rejects it outdoors. The refrigerant used is below room temperature. After evaporation, it condenses back to a liquid by moving the heat outdoors with the help of a heat exchanger.


How Does a DX System Work?


In a DX unit, the air is directly cooled by the refrigerant. The evaporator is placed inside the place you want to cool. The condenser removes and rejects the hot air into the outside. After that, the refrigerant turns from a  gas into a high-pressure liquid. A condenser fan and cooling tower take the heat out of the room.


The compressor of the DX system consists of pistons and rollers. The compressor is either air-cooled or water-cooled. First, the refrigerant leaves the condenser in liquid form and reaches a thermostatic expansion valve. This is where the evaporator heat exchange coil is placed.


The expansion valve controls the refrigerant flow into the fan coil unit. At this stage, hot air is extracted from the conditioned room. It is then transferred to the heat exchange coil by the evaporator fan. 


The refrigerant absorbs this heat and expands lowering the temperature of air that is circulated in the room. This cool air eventually reduces the indoor temperature to a value that you set.


Advantages of DX Cooling Units


DX units offer more flexibility than chilled water and other typical cooling systems. You can minimize the number of heat exchangers according to your needs which reduces energy and maintenance costs.


These systems are more compact and efficient. They do not cause any hazards to your expensive machinery and valuable IT equipment. You can use multiple DX systems to reduce your cooling expenses and to provide a safe and secure space both for your employees as well as office equipment.

Different Types of DX Air Conditioning


Windows and Rooms Air Conditioners

DX RACs or room air conditioners provide cooling to an individual room whenever you need it. These ductless units are in the shape of a box and are installed in the opening of a building usually a window. 


These units contain, an evaporator, condenser, refrigerant, and expansion valve in a single box. Mostly these units are suitable for single small room spaces due to their limited control and cooling capacity.


Split Systems

Split systems are another ductless option that gives you energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. The outside condenser unit has a compressor, condenser coil, condenser fan motor, and EPC.


The insider evaporator fan coil unit has an evaporator coil, expansion valve, and filters.


The indoor unit can be either wall-mounted or floor-standing which gives you more placement flexibility. The indoor and outdoor units are connected using pipework and interconnected electrical cables.

Ducted Systems

These systems find applications in both residential and commercial settings. These units have all the features of DX cooling units and they have a consistent design.


The ductwork that circulates air from the indoor units to your entire space hides behind the ceiling. Outlet vents that blow air in and outcome in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. 


Heat Pump

A DX system operating in reverse cycle air conditioning is referred to as a heat pump. There is a 4-way reversing valve that allows hot or cold air inside your space.


The heat flow inside the refrigeration cycle can be reversed in a heat pump. This means heat can be extracted from the outside and transferred into the building.


This system is more energy efficient for heating rather than cooling.    

Packaged Units

These systems are a combination of ducted and boxed room air conditioning systems. All the components are placed in a single unit while the ducts carry air where it is needed.

These packaged units come in different sizes and they use all the basic principles of DX air cooling. Heat transfer with the refrigerant in the system cools the air which is circulated to the rooms of your choice.


Recent Innovations in DX Cooling


Variable Technologies

Newer DX systems come with variable technologies that match changes in the room load and respond accordingly. Cooling systems being used such as compressors, condenser fans, pumps, and expansion valves do not operate at their maximum capacity at all times. They only use the minimum amount of energy needed to cool a certain room at any given moment.


Pumped Refrigeration Economization

A pumped refrigeration system keeps the compressor off during lower outdoor ambient temperatures which reduces power consumption. The system goes in an economization cycle where outdoor air is used to cool the refrigerant instead of the compressor. It has been observed that during the economization cycle, the PUE or cooling power usage efficiency can get as low as 1.05.


Smart Controls

Some advanced DX units come with smart controls and they precisely measure the load inside your commercial space and continuously adapt to maintain high energy efficiency. This prevents overcooling and reduces energy costs to a great extent.


Final Words

There are a lot of DX cooling systems that you can choose from for your commercial use. Each system has its pros and cons and it is very important that you consider these before making your decision.


In order to meet your cooling needs, you will need a system that not only delivers quick results but also has energy-efficient technology. Newer and advanced systems tend to have more energy-saving features.


If your DX unit is an older one, then it is better to replace it with a newer model. This will save you a lot of money and maintenance costs in the long run.   


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by York
06 Jul 2023