20 Jun 2023

Wall Mounted AC vs. Central AC: Which One is Right for You

As the summer keeps getting hotter and hotter, more people begin to invest in an air conditioning system to make their indoors cooler and bearable. If you are reading this article, chances are you too might be thinking of getting an AC system installed in your house.

But the main question is, which AC system should you pick? A wall-mounted system or a central AC? The type of AC that is best for you depends on your budget, cooling needs, house space, etc.

In order to find the right ac for yourself, you need to consider all these and many other factors which can be quite time-consuming and exhausting.

In this article, we are going to give you a brief overview of both these AC systems. We will also look at some of their benefits and drawbacks to give you a better idea.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at Wall Mounted and Central AC units one by one:

Wall Mounted AC

A wall mounted air conditioner is a self-contained AC system that consists of a single indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit is fixed to a wall in one of your rooms while the outdoor is placed either on the roof or is fixed to your exterior wall.

To find the right size for such a unit, you will need to consider your room size and dimensions, and wall thickness. These ac units bring fresh air from the outside, cool it, and then remove hot air and humidity.

To install such units, first, a few holes are made in your wall and then a metal sleeve is placed in the holes whose job is to support your ac unit.


Benefits of a Wall-Mounted AC Unit

Here is why we believe Wall Mounted units are the right choice for you


Reduced Costs

Unlike central systems, wall-mounted ACs use less energy and they are very easy to install. Since these units only run in one place at a time, it significantly reduces energy costs. It takes very little time to install these units which reduces installation costs. Thus, wall-mounted AC units are a much better choice if you wish to enjoy a cool atmosphere on a budget.


Quiet Operation

Wall-mounted AC units have no ductwork and they feature vibration dampers. This ensures there is minimum or no noise while the AC does its job. Most of the operation of these units happens in the outdoor condenser unit which further makes sure there is no noise.

No Need for Ductwork

There is no need for you to invest in detailed ductwork if you go with wall-mounted AC units. This not only reduces the installation time and costs, but it also makes sure your AC is able to do its job independently and provides the best cooling efficiency.


Easy Installation and Maintenance

Unlike a central AC system that requires installing extensive ductwork and a lot of air handlers, a wall-mounted ac only requires you to place the indoor and outdoor units and connect these with each other.

Both the indoor and outdoor units are very easy to install and you can also clean them with ease whenever you want.


Cons of a Wall-Mounted AC Unit

Wall-mounted units cannot cool your entire house and you will need multiple units for that which increases energy costs. These units take more time to cool the room and if you have to move in and out of the place frequently, it further increases the operating costs and causes wear and tear to the system.

Central AC System

Central AC systems require ductwork to remove humidity and circulate fresh and cool air in your entire space. These ACs use a system of supply and return ducts to cool your house.

The supply ducts deliver cool air from the air conditioner to your house while the return ducts take warm air from your house to the central air conditioner. This leads to a much faster cooling and a consistent temperature feel throughout your house.         

Benefits of Central AC

Here is what makes central ACs the best option for your house:


Whole House Cooling

This system involves the installation of interconnected ducts, vents, and cooling tubes throughout your indoor space. All these systems work together to cool your entire house and bring it to a temperature that you feel the most comfortable with.


Energy Efficiency

The central ac units are more energy efficient than several wall units running separately in your house or commercial building. These units can give you the best cooling by utilizing the indoor air which leads to quicker cooling and a smooth operation.

Superior Comfort

If you wish to enjoy a consistent temperature throughout your house, you will need to go for a central ac unit. A wall-mounted unit can only take care of your one room, and when you get out you can no longer enjoy that same indoor temperature. This is not the case with central ac units which gives you maximum comfort.


Improved Air Quality

Central HVAC systems are designed to filter pollutants and allergens from the indoor air which gives you a fresh and clean environment. The filters used in these units can trap pollen, spores, dust, and mold as well which gives you superior indoor air quality.

Cons of Central AC

The initial cost of these systems is very high since there is a lot of ductwork involved and there are so many parts to buy and install at different places inside your house. 

Central ac units are not very easy to clean and maintain and you need expert assistance for these purposes which is costly. 


Final Thoughts

It is very important that you choose a cooling system for your house that gives you your money’s worth and is economical in the long run. You need to think long and hard about the AC system that will work best in your house. This way you will be able to make this big investment without any risks.

It is always a good idea to consult with an expert HVAC contractor before choosing an AC system for your house. These people cannot only tell you what ac will be right for you, but they can also advise you about the size, placement, and installation of these units. This will give you peace of mind that you are making the right choice for your house cooling system.      

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by York
20 Jun 2023