Commercial Air Conditioners

Our range is designed to provide small and medium businesses with reliable climate control solutions that excel in comfort and efficiency

Providing The New Age Cooling Solutions With Perfection

The efficient Direct Exchange Units (DX Units) are designed for maximum comfort in your commercial spaces and factories. The units efficiently cool the air by passing the condensed refrigerant through a heat exchanger inside your spaces that need to be cooled. We have made this technology more efficient by putting our innovations in it. The DX systems by YORK® are the perfect answer to the growing temperatures in today's age. They operate in relatively lesser energy hence proving to be cost-effective.

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YORK® Air Conditioners for Commercial Spaces

With over 140 years of experience, we are confident that our range of commercial HVAC solutions provides small and medium businesses with the leading climate control technology to create and maintain the perfect indoor environment. Meeting the evolving requirements of our clients means that we are constantly innovating our systems, resulting in a collection of elegant and efficient options that are designed to adapt to you and the spaces that they inhabit. We cater for all types of projects and offer an extensive range of solutions so that you can find the system right for the job.


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